Question of the Week: Medical school outside the US for international students

Feb. 5, 2021

Question: I’m an international student and am considering attending medical school back at home. Do you work with students who want to go to medical schools outside of the US? Do you have a list of alumni who have done this?
Answer: Different countries have different models of medical education, many where students go directly from high school to medical school, so it’s very rare for us to see undergrads who are planning on this route. We have worked with a number of Canadian premed students (whose model is similar to the US) and a couple from the UK. We’re happy to try to help you navigate the path, but doing some research on your end will also be necessary. The World Directory of Medical Schools is a trusted source to use as you begin your research. If there’s a chance that you’ll want to practice in the US, be sure to select schools whose graduates are eligible to apply for ECFMG certification (required to become licensed in the US if you are an International Medical Graduate); the ECFMG also offers advice on medical school selection. Once you locate schools of interest, look through their websites for information about prerequisites and applying -- it’s likely that many countries’ medical education systems will require a number of years of course work in country (the same is true of the US, where it is very difficult to get into a US medical school without a US-based degree or a postbac program). To find alumni practicing medicine internationally, try using your home country as a search term in the Princeton LinkedIn directory and TigerNet directory, or reach out to your region’s Princeton alumni chapter.

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