Question of the Week: MCAT Without Biochem

April 3, 2020

Question: Since my summer plans have been cancelled, I’m thinking of taking the MCAT, but I haven’t taken Biochem yet. Have students self-studied Biochem and done well in the past?
Answer: We have seen it happen for the occasional student, but more frequently it doesn’t work out as well as they hoped. They end up spending a lot of time trying to make up for the lack of classroom knowledge that could have been better used toward developing knowledge other and competencies. This summer, you’d also be competing for MCAT seats with students whose exams were canceled in the spring due to the pandemic, so it may be more difficult to find a seat in your preferred test location. We think it’s a more efficient use of time to do something else that’s relevant to your medical school preparation for the summer (we have a lot of ideas on this document), brushing up on your earlier science content knowledge and especially starting to prepare for the CARS (critical analysis and reading) section, and taking MCAT in January after you’ve taken Biochem.
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