Question of the Week: Legitimate Online Premed Advice

May 14, 2021

Q: I'm stressing myself out watching YouTube videos about how hard it is to get into medical school. It's hard to tell what's real and what's not. Do you have suggestions on the best sources of advice online?

A: It's good that you recognize that you need to approach this online advice with a critical eye. Much of what you can find for free is teaser content to try to convince you that you need to purchase products (medical school coaching, books, etc.) from the purveyors of the content. That said, there are plenty of folks out there who are truly trying to help and to make what seems like a daunting application process more transparent and manageable. Here are a few sources that we like:

  • All Access Medical School Podcast: Created by an admissions director who brings in his colleagues from other schools to talk about admissions topics. This is advice directly from the folks in charge of admission! Hearing from them directly can also help to humanize the admissions process. There are real, kind people trying to make these decisions.
  • AAMC Anatomy of an Applicant: The AAMC oversees medical education and there's a ton of information on their website for premeds, but this is one of our favorite features. You can read real stories of accepted applicants, see how they demonstrated the AAMC competencies, and read admissions officers' perspectives on why they were admitted.
  • Roadmap to Med: This website was created by Princeton alum and current medical school Nana Park, based on her journey. It emphasizes resources for socioeconomically disadvantaged and underrepresented students.
  • APSA Undergraduate Resources: Developed by current MD/PhD students (including some Princeton alums) to assist undergrads -- lots of great resources, including webinars and an extensive FAQ.
  • The HPA website is a lot deeper than many students realize. Spending some time surfing through our own advice and information will be more targeted to you as a Princeton student!

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