Question of the Week: I'm nervous about shadowing. What should I do?

Oct. 14, 2022

Q: I’m a first-generation student and have never spent time with a physician other than as a patient. I know shadowing is expected and helpful, but I find it stressful to cold email physicians and try to set it up. And if I’m invited to shadow, how will I know what to do?
A: The Princeternship program through the Center for Career Development is a great place to start. The alumni physicians offering Princeternships are eager to have you, and many of them have hosted many “Princeterns” and will help to make the experience more comfortable. Here are a couple of stories from past Princeterns: Alice Vinogradsky learned more about private practice with Dr. Ganchi; Ava Torjani spent time with Richmond ENT; and Jasmine Hao and four other Princeterns had a virtual opportunity with Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters.
Read through the Princeternship position listings to get a feel for the hosts’ work and what they hope to learn, then write a detailed, specific application about your “fit” for the positions you’re interested in.  Applications are due next week, so take some time to apply now! See our online FAQ for more questions about shadowing.

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