Question of the Week: How to Gain Clinical Experience

Dec. 1, 2023

Princeton students are resourceful and determined, and they explore various avenues to gain valuable clinical exposure, often maximizing clinical exposure during the long summer break and layering different experiences. Here are some common ways Princeton students gain familiarity with patient care, health professions, and the healthcare system.

  1. Volunteer Work: Many students volunteer at local hospitals, hospices, clinics, or other healthcare organizations, around Princeton during the school year and near home during vacations. This could involve assisting with patient care, providing support to healthcare professionals, or working in administrative roles.
  2. Internships and Research Opportunities: Some students secure internships or research positions at medical facilities where they can observe clinical practices and interact with healthcare professionals. They often add shadowing or clinical volunteering hours to their experience if they aren’t already integrated into the opportunity. Many students find these opportunities through our website and newsletter.
  3. Shadowing Physicians: Students arrange shadowing opportunities with alums and other healthcare professionals to observe their day-to-day activities, patient interactions, and medical procedures. This firsthand exposure helps students gain insights into different settings and specialties, and hear about the rewards and challenges of the career.
  4. Health-Related Student Organizations: Students interested in healthcare often join clubs or organizations on campus related to health and medicine. These groups may organize events, workshops, or speaker sessions that provide valuable insights into the medical field.
  5. Participation in health-related classes and programs: These programs may include workshops, seminars, or hands-on experiences that enhance their understanding of healthcare practices. Many student groups host speakers: for example, we have a Doctor is In alum speaker next week.

To learn more about clinical experience, you can watch our info session on the topic from earlier this week!

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