Question of the Week: GPA Cutoff for Committee Letter?

Friday, May 3, 2019

Q: I heard that there were certain guidelines that we have to follow to get a committee letter from HPA. Does that include having a specific GPA or MCAT score? I'm afraid my GPA won't be high enough to get a committee letter.

A: Some colleges have specific cutoffs, but we do not. Our eligibility criteria are listed on our website, and as you will see, they have to do with logistics, not metrics. But, we do consider it our duty as advisors to caution you against applying before we think that you're likely to reach the goals you have set for yourself in the application process--it is our job to help you consider your strengths and areas to improve, and your likelihood of success given qualitative and quantitative data from past application cycles. Additionally, our advice is based on many factors beyond metrics--admissions is holistic and there are candidates with very high metrics who we advise to take more time to shore up other parts of their preparation (see FAQ on Barriers to Acceptance), or students with relatively low metrics who we think are likely to break through in the process given other aspects of their candidacy (e.g., distance traveled, personal qualities, career vision, upward trajectory). 

But, at the end of the day and given all of the information we can share with you, it is still your final decision as to whether or not you'll apply in any given year, and we will support you as strongly as we can with our advice and our committee letter.

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