Question of the Week: Finding Someone to Shadow

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

Question: I’d like to shadow a doctor and maybe some people in other health professions but I don’t know how to find them or what to ask them if I do find them. Where do I start?
Answer: The Tigernet Alumni Directory and LinkedIn are two great places to start. In LinkedIn’s Princeton alumni community, you can enter keywords like “physician” (1570 results), “physician assistant” (524 results), “public health” (7979 results). Cast a wide net with a concise, professional yet friendly message and see if you receive responses. If you live in a more isolated area, you might also just search for your hometown and use Princeton as your initial means of connection, then see if they can connect you to health professionals in the area. For more ideas, read through our Shadowing Tips handout and Questions of the Week archive.

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