Question of the Week: Finding Princeton Alums Near Home

March 3, 2023

Q: I’m from Alabama and I don’t know of any Princeton alumni physicians from my home state. I’d love to shadow or maybe intern with someone near home this summer and it would be nice to connect with alums. What’s the best way to look for them?
A: Here are a few ways to start the search online:

  • Simple google search: Using a search term like physician Alabama “Princeton University” (without the full university name in quotation marks, you’ll get a lot of physicians affiliated with an Alabama hospital with Princeton in its name).
  • Search on med school websites: Go to the Alabama medical schools and type Princeton or Princeton University into their search bars.
  • LinkedIn: Start with Princeton’s LinkedIn page  and use keyword searches like Alabama physician.
  • TigerNet: Log into the Princeton based alumni directory and search. It can take a while to find the right search terms, but using the state and the “healthcare” field/specialty sometimes yields better results than “occupation”.
  • Start with the state/regional Alumni Association and reach out to officers who may be able to help connect you.

In addition to Princeton-affiliated health professionals, use your local network: your own pediatrician/physician, those who care for family members, high school guidance counselors/teachers, and other organizations you might’ve been involved in could help you find connections. For those of you from areas with fewer Princeton connections, we may also be able to connect you with alums—feel free to email us and ask! See the HPA “Making Connections” guides for more recommendations.

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