Question of the Week: Dual Enrollment Credit

Sept. 16, 2022

Q: I took some science classes through dual enrollment at a community college before coming to Princeton but I plan to retake them here. I don’t want schools to think I took the same content more than once. Do I have to report the dual enrollment courses to medical schools?
A: You must report enrollment at any college or university where you were enrolled for at least one course, even if the credits were transferred, no credit was earned, or you withdrew. This includes pre-college courses, summer school, study abroad, and any other scenario in which you enrolled in a course. You will be asked to submit an official transcript from each US/Canadian institution. The grades from any courses that appear on a transcript will be factored into your medical school application GPA whether or not they were transferred to Princeton or you repeated them. It’s true that you may have to retake courses here to meet requirements, and we will explain this policy in our committee letter when you apply.

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