Question of the Week: Dual Enrollment Courses

April 22, 2022

Q: I took some dual enrollment community college courses online during high school. Will they count in my premed GPA? Will they count for premed prerequisites?
A: You are required to report any course that appears on a US/Canadian college transcript, whether in high school, undergrad, or after undergrad, including summer courses. If the courses and grades appear on a college transcript (not just your high school transcript), they will be calculated into your medical school GPA, and medical schools are likely to accept them to fulfill prerequisites. With the exception of the transfer program, Princeton does not accept courses taken prior to matriculation, so you will be expected to take any courses you need to fulfill Princeton requirements (e.g., major and general education courses) while enrolled. Medical schools’ policies will vary for both community college courses and online courses (the premedical coursework chart from the AAMC captures many individual schools’ policies). In any case, they will encourage you to pursue more advanced coursework at a four-year institution. If you've taken dual enrollment courses, let us know and we can provide guidance on how to proceed with your prehealth preparation.

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