Question of the Week: Do I Have to Take a Glide Year?

May 13, 2022

Q: I was planning to apply direct entry but I’m disappointed in my GPA from my first year. Does this mean I have to take a glide year?
A: GPA is just one of many factors that play into when to apply. Your first year GPA is at most one-third of your applicant GPA (since you’ll be taking at minimum 17 courses in your first two years and 10 in your junior year when you include junior independent work). The expectation is that your first year is a transition year, especially after the period of online pandemic learning, so try to be gentle with yourself around your performance. Try to focus on how to improve and demonstrate an upward academic trajectory moving forward. Watch our recent When to Apply panel recording and see “When to Apply” on our website for more information.

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