Question of the Week: Creating My MCAT Plan

March 24, 2023

Q: I missed the info session about creating an MCAT study plan! What should I know? I plan to take it this summer!
A: You can watch a recorded version or go through the slides posted on our website! We introduce a five-step process that’ll help you prepare to create the plan: 

  1. learn about the exam via the HPA MCAT Guide, AAMC website information, talking to others
  2. assess your current knowledge by taking a practice test and reading through the content outline to see what topics you’ve studied
  3. choose your resources with advice from friends and comparison shopping from resources at HPA
  4. consider how much time you have by jotting down the hours per week you can commit between now and your test date (anticipate 300-500 hours of content plus practice) create the plan taking inspiration from examples presented in the workshop

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