Question of the Week: Clinically Focused Postgrad Jobs

May 13, 2022

Q: I'm about to graduate. I'm taking two glide years and I want to focus on clinical experience in the first year so it's on my application. What are the most effective ways to get full time, paid clinical experience?

A: Here are a few options based on the focus you might be looking for:

  • For a closer view of how physicians interact one-on-one with patients, as a medical scribe through a company like ScribeAmerica or directly through a hospital (like RWJ) or other care facility, you'd be in the room during patient visits, taking notes so the doctor can focus on the patient.
  • To demonstrate your commitment to the health needs of underserved individuals and communities, National Health Corps places you in a high-need community with compensation that will cover your basic needs.
  • If you want an active, intimate patient care experience, as a Certified Nurse Assistant you provide bedside care, often in assisted living or similar care facilities or in hospitals.
  • If you're interested in a particular specialty, Medical Assistants are often hired in dermatology, dentistry, and other private practice settings. 
  • Other jobs our alums have taken include: patient navigator, EMT, clinical research coordinator, ophthalmic technician, genetic counseling assistant . . . check out our List of Sample Glide Year Opportunities for more inspiration! And if you aren't in a clinical job, you can always seek clinical volunteering and shadowing in your free time.

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