Question of the Week: Checking With Schools About Prerequisites

Friday, Dec 7, 2018

Hi HPA: I was advised to check with specific schools about a course I want to take to fulfill their prerequisites. I’m not sure which schools I should reach out to since I have no idea where I will apply. How should I proceed?
It’s always recommended to stay eligible for your public schools in your home state. Public state schools tend to have some preference for in-state applicants. If you’re interested in medicine and you’re not sure what your state schools are, you can search for them in the AAMC Medical School Admissions Requirements online database. Beyond those schools, you might check some that are in locations you’re interested in using that same MSAR for MD programs and the online map for osteopathic medical schools. We have also compiled a list of schools that are popular among our MD applicants on our website: If you’re interested in programs other than medicine, you can find links to program directories on the HPA website. For suggestions on how to reach out and under what circumstances, refer to this past Question of the Week.

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