Question of the Week: AP + Biology Requirement

Friday, Sep 20, 2019

Question: Hi HPA – I have AP Biology and I’ve taken MOL 214 and no other Biology courses yet. Are there certain courses that you recommend? Do I need to take more than one extra Biology course?

Answer: "Extra" biology (EEB, MOL, NEU) coursework is always valued in the admissions process (and required by some schools, including the University of Texas medical schools). Some schools may require two lab-based biology courses if you have AP Biology, so if you’re only going to take two courses, we’d recommend MOL 214 plus a 300- or 400-level course with a lab component – Comparative Physiology (EEB 314) or Ecology: Species Interactions, Biodiversity, and Society (EEB 321) are two options. Alternately, if you’ve done a summer of biology lab research or worked in a Princeton lab, you may be able to make the argument that you've had sufficient lab experience within biology to satisfy their requirements. Check with individual schools of interest regarding their requirements. If you have lab experience, courses that touch on biomedical sciences or human biology may be especially valuable; for example, Genetics (MOL 342); Molecular Basis of Cancer (MOL 423); Psychopharmacology (MOL 458); Neuroimmunology (NEU 447). 

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