Part-time remote work opportunity: Assistant to Matthew Weed, PhD

Aug. 26, 2022

this position has already been filled.


Dr. Matthew Weed is a consultant and speaker on improving outcomes and access to healthcare for people with chronic health needs; an innovator in technology and education; and a motivational and topical speaker. He also helps students applying to colleges and health professions schools. His website is at

Matthew has a MPA from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs,(1995) three degrees from Yale and a master’s in Genetics from Harvard; succeeded in helping many students get into US colleges and health professions schools; completed a rollerblading marathon; co-created early methods to make books accessible to the blind; traveled around the world—twice; published in the academic literature; and worked at the National Institutes of Health and University of Wisconsin-Madison. His life proves that no matter the seeming obstacles, determination, discipline and creativity along with help from people who choose to get involved in others’ lives, can make anything possible for all of us.

Many of Dr. Weed’s hundreds of former mentees are now leaders in healthcare, research and policy making. His life experiences facilitate his work with leading health professions schools on initiatives to cost-effectively improve patient outcomes while helping pre-health and health professions students learn how patients manage disease and disability in the world outside of the clinical setting. He is also co-developing a new service to help people uncomfortable with technology feel safer in using it to stay in better touch with everything from health professionals and events in the neighborhood to families and social networks.

As Matthew’s activities grow, he needs to find people who can help him with various tasks, many of which are semi-time-flexible and all of which can be done remotely. Note: The position is part-time, averaging 5 hours a week.

  • Assistance building and running PowerPoint presentations for his rapidly growing speaking practice with planned talks for Oregon Health Sciences University and the NIH for example (MS PowerPoint experience required)
  • Possible literature research for the projects he’s working on with partner institutions (including Oregon health Sciences and Samuel Merritt Universities).

Starting pay from $18-$20 per hour depending on education and experience. Mentoring from Dr. Weed and contacts to many in his large and rapidly growing science, health, and policy networks is available.

  • Ability to commit in writing to working with Dr. Weed for at least a year is strongly preferred.
  • Being self-disciplined, organized, timely and comfortable engaging with others are big pluses.
  • Total time should average no more than five hours per week.

This position has been filled for the 2022-23 year.