Paid Summer Internship Opportunities with the Hanley Center for Health Leadership (S Portland, ME)

Friday, Feb 5, 2021

Hello Advising Friends;

I am writing to let you know about paid summer internships offered through Maine's Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership's Undergraduate Healthcare Leadership Internship (UHLI) Program.  The application deadline is Feb 19, and students should check the website frequently as we anticipate adding several more internships over the next several weeks.

The Hanley Center's mission is to develop Maine's healthcare workforce.  Students should consider the Center's mission when filling out their application, and priority will be given to applicants with strong ties to the state of Maine and an interest in practicing here once they join the workforce.

I would like you to share a couple of important thoughts with your students as you discuss these opportunities  1) We ask that students meet with and discuss their applications with their advisors.  Please make sure that they have read the Hanley website and thought about and address the mission of Hanley Center in their applications.  We will have so many qualified applicants that students who do not demonstrate a strong connection to the state of Maine are unlikely to be considered.  2) Over the last few years, we had a couple of students who reneged after accepting a position at one of our sites, and as a result we lost internships.  If a student receives an offer, and commits to that offer, we expect that they will withdraw any other applications they have outstanding for the summer of 2021.  3) Please make sure your students follow all directions.  We ask that materials be uploaded as .pdf files.  It is up to the students to ensure that their letter writer submits their letter.  4) As this opportunity is paid, students may NOT ask the site for academic credit for their internships.  5) Encourage your students to consider sites outside of Portland, Maine.  These sites invariably have the most applications and are the most competitive.  6) Students should NOT directly contact an internship site unless the site reaches out to them.  Students MAY ONLY apply through the Hanley website.  All questions should be directly to myself ( or Judiann Smith (

Your students can find the internships here:

and the application here: