MedicZero New Chapter Interest Survey

Friday, May 7, 2021

Dear Student,

We are MedicZero Inc., a newly formed non-profit organization with the purpose of creating a community of passionate individuals interested in emergency medicine and prehospital care. We
seek to enable bystanders with the confidence to recognize emergencies and initiate care, encourage the delivery of skillful, evidence-based care by providers, and construct community paramedicine initiatives to improve the prehospital landscape.

Our vision consists of the following components:
1. To provide first-aid education for bystanders on topics including hands-only CPR, stroke recognition, bleeding control, and opiate-overdose reversal.
2. To promote a continuous dialogue among the general EM/EMS community that ultimately encourages the usage of evidence-based medicine.
3. To disseminate evidence-based clinical recommendations regarding prehospital care.
4. To foster the creation of community-paramedicine related initiatives.

We strive to make an impact in the implementation of emergency care throughout the United States by creating and managing a network of affiliated chapters at various universities throughout the country, with goals parallel to that of our organization. Specifically, we envision a chapter to foster a community of students passionate about EMS by hosting regular journal clubs, coordinating basic hands-only CPR / first-aid training in the local community or
on-campus, and promoting evidence-based practices among providers.

Thus far, we have a successful chapter model established at Rutgers University - New
Brunswick, and we hope to establish this model in other universities as well. To overview the
accomplishments of this chapter and potential ideas for your university’s chapter, please visit the
social media page: @theruemc

In order to establish a chapter of our organization at your university, we are seeking two chapter
directors! If you are interested in taking on the initiative as a chapter director to start a chapter of
our organization at your university, please fill out this application by May 15th, 2021:

Please feel free to reach out to us ( with any questions or concerns. We
look forward to potentially working with you to create this chapter. Thank you!

MedicZero Inc.