Louisiana State U: ASPIRE Summer Research Internship (Baton Rouge, LA)

Jan. 26, 2023

In the ASPIRE Summer Research Internship Program students are paired with a faculty member in their major who has an available well-defined research project that can be accomplished in one summer.  The faculty member mentors the student in the techniques that are needed to do the research, and the student works up to 100 hours on the project receiving an hourly wage of $10.  At the end of the summer, the student applies to the LSU Undergraduate Research Conference held every fall on campus, and must present the results of the summer research there.  Several previous summer ASPIRE students have won prizes at this conference.  If, after doing the ASPIRE summer research internship program, students wish to continue doing research, they should apply to the ASPIRE academic year program.

Faculty:  If you have a project that is appropriate for the ASPIRE summer research internship program, please fill out the faculty summer project sheet, and mail it to [email protected].  Deadline is March 24th.

Students:  To qualify for the ASPIRE summer research internship program, students must have a major in HSS and be in good academic standing.  They may but do not have to be enrolled for one of the summer sessions at LSU.  Slots are limited by the number of available projects in each major.  Download the application for the summer program , which should be filled out and mailed to [email protected] by April 1st.

Read more and apply by Apr 1