Loop Abroad Virtual Courses and Fellowships

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Nov. 19, 2020

As students prepare for a LONG winter break, we'd like to remind you that Loop Abroad has virtual programs available. If you know a student looking for opportunities to gain research experience, earn veterinary hours, or take vet-taught courses for credit, we can help! Please pass this message along!

You can find all the options here, but I want to highlight a few winter offerings:

Online Courses

When: Dec 6- Jan 23

▪ Elephant Medicine and Management
▪ Companion Animal Management
▪ South Africa Zoo Husbandry and Management
▪ Anatomy, Behavior, and Conservation of African Big Cats

These virtual courses taught by our expert veterinarians, are self paced, and can be completed fully online. Each course earns students three credit hours from Iowa Wesleyan University.

Vets Around the World

When: Jan 2-22

3-week program with opportunities to earn veterinary hours in small animal and wildlife, as well as intensive experiences in wildlife, avian, equine, and exotics.

Prosthetics: Biomedical Engineering in Vet and Human Medicine

When: Jan 2- Feb 13

6-week course that gives students awesome experience in understanding the science behind prosthetics and getting an up-close view of how different prosthetics are being built and implemented around the globe.

Online Internships and Fellowships

When: Visit our website for dates and details

▪ Zoo Research Fellowship
▪ Animal Rescue Internship
▪ Costa Rica Wildlife Rescue Internship
▪ Belize Crocodile & Manatee Research Fellowship
▪ Belize Raptor Internship

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