Join HOSA: Future Health Professionals!

Friday, Sep 3, 2021

TLDR: HOSA is a low-commitment, competition-based healthcare club where you can network with professionals and meet other like-minded students from around the world! Sign up for more information!

Interested in Healthcare? Pre-Med?

Do you want the opportunity to earn international recognition for your passion for healthcare?

Do you want the chance to stay at a venue like Disney World with your friends and industry professionals while competing against students from around the world?

HOSA: Future Health Professionals is an international student organization endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education with over 245,000 members around the world!

 HOSA hosts over 55 competitive events annually at state and international conferences:

  • New Jersey HOSA State Leadership Conference 
  • International Leadership Conference (HOSA has rented out the Gaylord Resort at Nashville, Tennessee this year!!) 
  • Competitions range from Health Science and Health Professions events to Teamwork and Leadership events
  • Explore your interests in healthcare regardless of your experience level! 
  • Little time commitment required!
  • Event preparation can be done individually and doesn’t take much time
  • Explore internships, scholarships, and service recognition at the state and international levels

**This is our second year as a chapter in Princeton, and as of right now all upcoming conferences are in person!**

If you are interested in joining HOSA, fill out the Google Form and be sure to check out our booth at the Involvement Fest!! 

For more info check out and, our chapter’s website.

Princeton HOSA Executive Council