IIP Internships

Friday, Oct 26, 2018

Application deadline: online December 5, 11:59pm, hard copy December 7, 3:00pm

We send about 200 students abroad every summer: first-years (30%), sophomores (40%) and juniors (30%).


  • Online deadline: Midnight, Wednesday, December 5, 2018 (right after 11:59 pm on Wednesday).
  • You must deliver a hard copy of your submitted documents to the IIP office by 3:00 pm, Friday, December 7, 2018 for your application to be considered complete.

How to Apply
It is important to read all of the application instructions before submitting your application.

Please note: Do not fill out internship applications you find on company/organization websites. The IIP has a special relationship with the companies and organizations listed on the IIP website, so much of the information that you may read on company/organization websites about their internships will not apply to you.


  • IIP internships need to be 8 consecutive weeks. The dates will be agreed upon by you and your employer.
  • To apply for an IIP Internships, you must currently be a fully enrolled Princeton freshman, sophomore, or junior. Note: if you are not enrolled at the time of application, but will be enrolled during the spring semester, you are eligible to apply.
  • The University reserves the right to revoke sponsorship if there is a significant deterioration or reasonable expectation of deterioration in the safety and security conditions in the country where travel will occur, or if the University assesses a lack of compliance on the student’s behalf with Rights, Rules, Responsibilities, the laws of the country of travel, or the internship provider’s regulations and policies.
  • Students are required to respond to communication from IIP during the course of the internship.
  • Students are responsible for securing their own flight, visa, lodgings, medical insurance, immunizations and local transportation in accordance with any applicable policies in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities and IIP policies. IIP will provide advice and help when needed and should be contacted immediately when any issues arise in these preparations.
  • Participants are expected to work full time for the entire length of the internship period (a minimum of eight weeks). Applicants should be resourceful, flexible, motivated, responsible, comfortable in an unfamiliar setting, and open to new experiences and cultures other than their own. Students should understand the responsibilities attendant with serving as a representative of Princeton University and take this commitment seriously.
  • For a list of detailed commitments associated with your internship, please download the  2018 IIP Commitment form.

All IIP internships (including Princeton in France positions) automatically qualify for an internship award.

Students will receive an IIP award, as per the IIP acceptance email. For students on financial aid, this award is estimated to cover airfare (roundtrip from Newark), accommodation, meals, and local transportation to and from work and to and from the airport. For students who are not on financial aid, the award is estimated to include accommodation, meals, and local transportation to and from work and to and from the airport.  All students can search for additional funds to cover immunization and visa costs, through the SAFE portal, regardless of their financial aid status. The students will have to provide receipts for these items to IIP before their departure date, and will be required to reimburse any funding received in excess of these receipts. Additionally, students who are not on financial aid can search for additional funding for airfare costs ONLY up to the amount specified on the acceptance letter.

If you are accepted to an IIP-IN, your award will be adjusted depending on what is covered by the program.  Most IIP-IN programs offer lodging, some meals and local transportation as well as other activities.