HPA Sophomore Summer Announcements: Hospice & Early Assurance Programs

Tuesday, Jul 31, 2018

Two opportunities to put on your radar:

Hospice Volunteering Opportunity: Hospices care for patients toward the end of life, providing palliative care—as a volunteer, you will provide emotional support and companionship to these patients. Substantial training and ongoing discussion groups will help you reflect on your own pre-health motivations and prepare you for working with your own patients. If you are interested, please complete the 60 second survey (only seven brief questions): www.surveymonkey.com/r/BR8836N

(Please do not feel obligated to take additional surveys from Surveymonkey.)

Early Assurance Programs: A couple of students have emailed us about sophomore early assurance programs (where you apply to medical school as a sophomore). All four of them that we know of review applications after fall grades, so no need to rush into working on these now!