Hearts for Health Shadowing Opportunity (virtual)

Sept. 16, 2022

Below is a little more about our upcoming speakers. To learn more about how shadowing credit works, check out the attachment titled "Hearts for Health (H4H)- Virtual Shadowing Info"! To stay in the loop for more, follow us on Instagram (@hearts_4_health) where we post shadowing flyers!

  • Dr. Saha (Monday, September 19 @ 7-8pm CT): Dr. Sibu Saha currently serves as the University of Kentucky PA Program’s Medical Director and Chief, Transition to Practice and Advanced Training Programs.


Other Opportunities!

Medsembly is an app-based resource that connects pre-health students to healthcare professionals to offer clarity, guidance, and support as they transition into their careers. We utilize technology to provide career prep to students and connect them with people that will help them achieve their goals. What makes us different is we are connecting students directly with professionals that are not only in careers they aspire to be in one day, but have the knowledge and expertise to provide valuable feedback.

Our goal at Medsembly is to be a virtual career resource for students where they are able to engage and build relationships with people in their field, explore careers with interactive videos and both in-person and virtual shadowing, use AI to build strong relationships, get jobs, and thus be ready to successfully apply to grad school or embark on their careers. Any questions? Contact Ms. Rodeline Joseph at [email protected]. To stay in tune with Medsembly, follow them on Instagram: @medsembly.


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