Elective Africa: Healthcare Placements

Thursday, Sep 22, 2016

Placements include: medical volunteering, nursing opps, midwifery opps, premed and predent experiences.

Elective Africa medical volunteering and electives are open to students and qualified medical professionals looking for meaningfully and structured medical volunteer work abroad with quality hands on experience and clinical exposure. These placements are customized to fit each individual’s interests and level of education. Our pride and satisfaction is derived from being part of our participants’ journey towards being healthcare professionals and delivering to them nothing but the best placement with us. Our placements include medical volunteer abroad programs, electives abroad, nursing opportunities abroad, midwifery opportunities, premed volunteering and pre-dentistry experiences. 

Our participants testify to: 1) Improved clinical skills and cultural competences; 2) Intensive and extensive hands-on exposure; 3) Challenged critical thinking ability; learning to be innovative and resourceful; 4) Witnessing unique conditions that they have only read in books such as tropical diseases; and 5) Interacting with trainees and physicians educated in different systems, exposing them to different perspectives on the practice of medicine.

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