Early MCAT Savings - Summer and Fall

June 11, 2020

Don't let the seasons fool you... 
Enroll in the summer.  Begin in the fall.  Test in the spring. 

The MCAT is not a cram and slam exam.  Your highest score will always be achieved through several months of developing habits and skills that will then manifest themselves on test day. 


Altius offers a Spring Short Track starting in January, but to maximize your performance, take our Fall Long Track, which consistently produces higher MCAT scores. Enroll in Fall Long Track today and you can begin studying in September at NO extra cost.  We also offer a Summer Long Track that starts in June and prepares you for a January exam. Whichever track you choose, we GUARANTEE you'll improve by at least 12 points.

Avoid Paying More Later ... For the Exact Same Thing!

Altius pricing works much like airline tickets: the sooner you buy, the more you save. Our Gold Course with 25 1-on-1 mentoring sessions is $4,799 in January. If purchased in June, however, it's as low as $3,799. Tuition for all courses increases on July 1st.

Save up to $2,400 in tuition with an FM Scholarship.



7-Week Elite MCAT Course

June 15 - July 31

Twice as many hours of instruction as the $2,699 Kaplan lecture course!

  • Elite 95-100th %-tile Mentors

  • Live Online Instruction

  • 10 Full-length COVID-19 Formatted Practice Exams

  • Double Money Back Guarantee

Regular Price:  $2,599




Summer Full-Immersion

June 15 - August 22

Ideal timing for students on the quarters system!

  • 30 MCAT Strategy Sessions

  • 10 Study Hall Sessions

  • 10 Mastery Sessions

  • 25 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions 

  • All AAMC Practice Tests

  • 10 Full-Length COVID-19 Formatted Practice Exams


10 COVID-19 Formatted Practice Exams

Prices available through June 30th.

  • Only $149 (reg. $300) use code: TEST149

  • Includes 10 Covid-19 format practice exams.

  • Also 10 standard format practice exams.

Indistinguishable from the real MCAT.


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