ChinaCal 2017 Winter Externship (Yunnan, China)

Sept. 14, 2017

Hello, my name is Daniel Zhang a volunteer with China California Heart Watch. I am writing to inform you an exciting opportunity for Princeton University's prehealth students.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2017 Winter Externship in Yunnan, China from the dates of Dec 15.-Dec. 28th.

Part 1 of the activity involves a three day orientation at our headquarters in Dali. Professor Detrano from UC Irvine will lecture on basic heart physiology and congenital heart defects.

Part 2 involves visiting the newly opened Fu Wai Cardiovascular Hospital in Kunming to observe cardiac interventions and surgeries.

Part 3 is to travel to rural pediatric cardiology clinics where students, under the supervision of Chinese and American professors,  will help in interviewing and examining patients. Evenings will include lectures on public health and cardiology.

The cost of the program is $3000 which will cover transportation, room and board for the duration of the activity. Students will be responsible for round trip airfare to Dali, Yunnan, China as well as the visa processing fee.

As a former China Cal extern, I can attest that this is a great introduction to medicine and global health.  Attending this activity has inspired me to pursue a career as a pediatrician.

If you think that your students might be interested, could you assist us in advertising our program? I have attached an informational brochure for your convenience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. I can be reached by email and can set up skype conferencing to talk face to face.