Altius Cares Full or Half-Tuition Scholarships

Oct. 21, 2020

Altius Cares Scholarships including FULL or Half-Tuition Scholarships for everyone who applies for one this October.

  • We will be awarding over 65 Full-Tuition Scholarships and Hundreds of Half-Tuition Scholarships for everyone who applies. Now that's putting our money where our mouth is...
  • Access our Elite 1-on-1 MCAT Mentoring Programs, all of which include a 90th-Percentile Score Guarantee. If you complete a Platinum, Gold, or Silver Mentoring Program you will score in the 90th-percentile, or improve by 12 points, or Altius will continue working with you for FREE until you do.
  • *These are the mentoring programs that produced the MCAT scores that have made Altius famous. A study released by independent accountant TD Price reports that last year Altius students improved their score by an average of 15 points and were 900% more likely to score in the 99th-percentile.
  • All students should choose this option if at all possible. This scholarship, coupled with an affordable payment plan, reduces your tuition for the Silver program to something that you could cover just by delivering pizzas on the weekend!

How to Claim this Offer: You must complete the application before this November by using the following link: