Allergen-Free & Gluten-Free Cookie Sampling Nov 29 @ 8:30pm

Nov. 17, 2022

Nov 29 • 8:30pm • Frist Campus Center

The Food Allergy and Celiac Team for University Advocacy and Living (FACTUAL) is a new campus organization dedicated to supporting students at Princeton who have food allergies, celiac disease, or other medical dietary restrictions. Join them for their introductory educational event on Tuesday, November 29, in Frist Level 1 at 8:30 pm (during late meal) to try some delicious allergen-free/gluten-free cookies and learn more about the organization!

As part of FACTUAL, members meet to discuss their experiences, educate the University community through food events, research presentations, and awareness initiatives, connect with dining staff to explore accommodation options, and more. While the group aims to provide resources for individuals with medical dietary restrictions, all members of the student body who are interested in pursuing education and advocacy work with their peers are welcome to join.

You can follow FACTUAL at @factual.princeton on Instagram for more updates!