2019 PICS Second-Round Summer Internships

Thursday, Jan 24, 2019

Still looking for an internship for the summer? Explore the diverse (PAID!) offerings at PICS (Princeton Internships in Civic Service) this year. The PICS Second-Round Application is now live. But before you fill it out, you will want to investigate the still open opportunities on the PICS website.

If you would like to read previous interns’ evaluations, learn more about PICS, or talk to Student Program Coordinator, Kayla Moffett, about which PICS organization might be right for you, you can make a WASE appointment.

Lifelong commitment to service & nonprofits

PICS helps students to explore potential careers in public service and creates opportunities for leadership, social engagement, and civic participation through PAID non-profit summer internships.

Opportunities are available in arts, education, environment, government, health policy, journalism, legal services, medicine, public policy, social services, and several other areas. Princeton alumni serve as partners to the student interns.

For more information, contact: Kayla Moffett, kmoffett@princeton.edu