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HPA Vitals: April 9, 2021 Friday, Apr 9, 2021

This week:  HPA Peer Academic Advising Hours schedule for next week, new campus events, summer opps with PU alums and more...

HPA Vitals: April 2, 2021 Friday, Apr 2, 2021

A new Doctor Is In, new Career of the Month focused on the Pharm.D., new campus events, postgrad opps and more...

HPA Vitals: March 26, 2021 Friday, Mar 26, 2021

Medicine and health related courses for Fall 2021, a new Doctor to Be Is In Panel, new campus events, postgrad opps and more...

HPA Vitals: March 19, 2021 Friday, Mar 19, 2021

Some new HPA events, a pre-health panel with class of '74, oodles of new campus events about networking, salary negotiation, scholarships and more...

HPA Vitals: March 12, 2021 Friday, Mar 12, 2021

HPA is busting med school admissions myths- we have new school visits posted, campus events,  new opps, virtual info sessions and more...

HPA Vitals: March 5, 2021 Friday, Mar 5, 2021

A new career of the month, new HPA and campus events,  new postgrad opps, virtual info sessions and more...

HPA Vitals: February 26, 2021 Friday, Feb 26, 2021

Become a HPA Peer Adviser! Visit us, by residential college, for drop-in hours. Come to our Social Sciences and Humanities Concentration Panel. If you're applying this summer, don't miss our applicant workshops! Some new info sessions, new resources and all sorts of opportunities... 

HPA Vitals: February 19, 2021 Friday, Feb 19, 2021

New special residential college drop-in hours, applicant seminars, Aspiring Docs, campus events and more!

HPA Vitals: February 12, 2021 Friday, Feb 12, 2021

We've added new Prehealth 101 and 201 events, find out how to join student group- Princeton Disability Awareness, upcoming online events, new post-graduate opportunities- even a few more summer opps!

HPA Vitals: February 5, 2021 Friday, Feb 5, 2021

New med school visits, Doctor is In, Aspiring Docs (HPA has been busy), new student group opportunities, campus events and of course, much much more!