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Question of the Week: Do I Have to Do Research? Friday, Nov 4, 2016

Question: I know HPA says we don’t have to do research, but I have also heard that many medical schools prefer students to have done some research in undergrad. Is this true? Will I be at a disadvantage at some schools if I haven’t worked in a MOL or other science lab setting?

Question of the Week: The Committee Letter Friday, Oct 28, 2016

Question: I hear my friends talking about a committee letter that they have to get when they apply to medical school. Could you tell me what this is and why it’s important? Is it something I should be thinking about as a freshman?

Question of the Week: Volunteering Abroad Friday, Oct 14, 2016

Question: I recently saw an ad for a program that places volunteers abroad in medical internships, but it costs a lot. What do you think of the program? Can HPA help me find funding?

Question of the Week: Pre-Vet at Princeton Friday, Oct 7, 2016

Question: Dear HPA, I’m a freshman and I’m considering becoming a veterinarian. What can your office do for pre-vets? Is there anything I should know about being pre-vet?

Question of the Week: Allison Left! What Now? Friday, Sep 30, 2016

Question: Hi HPA – I had no idea Allison was leaving! What will happen when I apply to medical school this summer? All of my HPA meetings have been with Allison.