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Question of the Week: Medical School Admission Rates During the Pandemic Friday, Nov 19, 2021 Is it true that less applicants got into medical school during the pandemic?
Question of the Week: Creating a Spring Course Schedule Friday, Nov 12, 2021

Hi HPA – I’m a first-year prehealth student planning my spring courses. Are there any recommendations from HPA that I should keep in mind?
Here are some general thoughts, but every student’s situation is unique, so definitely stop by during drop-in hours or schedule an appointment to talk about your specific...

Question of the Week: MOL 250 for Premed GPA? Friday, Nov 5, 2021 Do MOL 250 and MOL 101 count as science?
Question of the Week: Does a Crisis Text Line Count as Clinical Volunteering? Friday, Oct 29, 2021 How should I categorize volunteering with a crisis text line?
Question of the Week: Where to Spend the Glide Year Friday, Oct 22, 2021 Are there places where glide year applicants are especially successful?
Question of the Week: Fall Break Ideas Friday, Oct 15, 2021

If I wanted to accomplish one prehealth task this fall break, what should it be?
It depends on where you are in your prehealth path! Here are some examples:

Question of the Week: Preparing for a January MCAT Friday, Oct 8, 2021 Is it possible to take the MCAT without really preparing?
Question of the Week Premed: Activities as a First-Year? Friday, Oct 1, 2021 What should I be prioritizing as a first-year in terms of premed activities?
Question of the Week: Why come to HPA? Friday, Sep 24, 2021 Is it necessary to meet with an individual HPA adviser?
Question of the Week: One Versus Two Glide Years Friday, Sep 17, 2021 What would happen if I take two glide years?