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Question of the Week: Healthcare Experience Abroad Friday, Apr 9, 2021 Is it worth paying out of pocket for healthcare experiences abroad?
Question of the Week: PDF'ing Writing Sem Friday, Apr 2, 2021

Question: I know it’s generally advised against taking prerequisite courses PDF, but if I plan on taking two other English classes that aren’t PDF, would PDFing Writing Sem be ok?

Question of the Week: Medical School Stats Requirement Friday, Mar 26, 2021 Does the Quantitative Methods in Cell and Molecular Biology (MOL 290) fulfill the stats requirement for medical school?
Question of the Week: Moving Up in My Activities Friday, Mar 19, 2021 Is an upward progression in position necessary or desired when working with an organization?
Question of the Week: Drop vs PDF for CHM 202? Friday, Mar 12, 2021

Question: Hi HPA – I’m a first-year not doing well in my Gen Chem class this semester and it’s taking so much time that I’m afraid that it’ll bring down my performance in all of my classes. I’m thinking about dropping it, but since I’m halfway through, I’d rather just get it over with and PDF. Is that advisable?

Question of the Week: Prehealth Summer Classes During the Pandemic Friday, Mar 5, 2021

Question: I’m a sophomore and have now taken part of CHM 202, and all of CHM 301, CHM 302, and MOL 214 online. I’d like to take Physics online this summer so that I can study abroad next spring, but I’m worried about what medical schools will think about so many online classes. Do you think it’s okay to take Physics during the...

Question of the Week: How Much Clinical Experience is Enough? Friday, Feb 26, 2021

Question: Hi HPA – I did an research internship sophomore year in a hospital where I worked with a doctor on a study that would help improve patients’ experiences. I feel like it really helped me know for sure that I want to become a physician. Is this sufficient experience to have before I apply or should I look for more?...

Question of the Week: Resources for First Generation Prehealth Students Friday, Feb 19, 2021

Question: I am the first person in my family to pursue a health career. Are there any resources available to me as I navigate this process?

Question of the Week: Location Specific Glide-Year Job Search Friday, Feb 12, 2021

Question: Hi HPA – I’m hoping to limit my job search to a very specific geographical area next year. I noticed most of your job postings are for a few cities – do you have suggestions on how to target my search to a certain area?

Question of the Week: Medical school outside the US for international students Friday, Feb 5, 2021

Question: I’m an international student and am considering attending medical school back at home. Do you work with students who want to go to medical schools outside of the US? Do you have a list of alumni who have done this?