Tiger Docs: Alum Profiles

At the end of each application cycle, we invite successful applicants to share their advice with younger students through a series of Accepted Applicant Panels and these matriculant profiles. Many thanks to all of our alums who pay it forward to our aspiring health professionals!


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Entering class of 2024

Jesse Brewer '22 | MD | Kaiser Permanente

Pursuing an MD at Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine, entering class of 2024

Major: Molecular Biology

Significant College Activities: Matriculate Advising Fellow, Student-Faculty Committee on Discipline, Peer Academic Advisor, Dr. Notterman Laboratory, Ivy Club…

Entering class of 2023

Carla Dias ‘21 | MD | Cornell

"Be creative with your activities and summer internships!"

Mayowa Oke ‘22 | MD/PhD | Harvard

"The best thing you can do throughout this process is to stay true to who you are and what your interests are rather than check a bunch of boxes."

Lauryn Spinetta ‘22 | MD | UT Southwestern

"The biggest words of wisdom that I have about being premed at Princeton is first that you should never, ever, give up if you believe medicine is the right path for you"

Seth Walensky ‘22 | MD/PhD | U Penn

"Most importantly, you do you! Spend your extracurricular time doing the things that truly enrich your college experience, both academically and socially."

Alison Herman ‘19 | MD/PhD | U Michigan

"My central piece of advice is to stay grounded in knowledge of yourself and your vision of your own path in medicine."

Mansi Totwani ‘22 | MD | Harvard

"My biggest piece of advice is to constantly nurture the relationships you build here (and those you build throughout your life)."

Sophia Marusic ‘21 | MD | Duke

"I would encourage all premed students to take advantage of their time at Princeton to explore their passions and interests beyond medical school prerequisites."

George Rettaliata ‘21 | MD | Dartmouth

"My best pearl of wisdom is that your premed courses are not who you are. You are whatever it is that wakes you up in the morning and motivates you to keep going."

Weston Carpenter ‘23 | MD | U CT

"Choosing a major should be a balance between what course load you are interested in and what you think you can reasonably take on during your four years at Princeton."

Gabrielle Sudilovsky ‘22 | MD | Pritzker

"Give yourself grace—Princeton, and the application cycle is a marathon, not a sprint."

Toyosi Oluwole ‘21 | MD/MPH | UC San Francisco

"If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to not give up and believe in yourself throughout this whole journey."

Juliet McGowen ‘20 | MD | Harvard

"Plan your premedical journey with HPA early in your college career to make the most of the premed experience ... and enjoy the journey."

Entering class of 2022

Taishi Nakase '21 | MD | Stanford

"Exploring what lies outside of the path to medical school will not only deepen and colour your experiences making you a better candidate, but also enrich the unique time you have as an undergraduate at Princeton."

Sarah Coffey ‘20 | MD/PhD | Wash U St. Louis

"Look ahead and make a plan that incorporates your interests and maintaining a healthy balance."

Nsomma Alilonu '21 | MD | Dartmouth

"You can only do college once, so do things that are important to you."

Moses Awofolaju ‘21 | MD | Northwestern

"Try and find opportunities you resonate deeply with and have a genuine interest in outside of premed experience."

Joanna Curry ‘19 | MD/MPH | UCLA

"Being imperfect is a strength that allows you the opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone and show true grit and dedication towards the pursuit of becoming a physician."

Jean Cho '20 | MD | Boston University SOM

"Find your distinct connection to medicine that is a culmination of your individual interests and passions instead of trying to fit into a mold." 

Anne Sidamon-Eristoff ’20 | MD/PhD | Yale

"I hope my story evidences that with determination and hard work, many paths can enable you to ultimately attend your top choice medical school."

Entering class of 2020

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Entering class of 2019

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Entering class of 2018

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