Exploring the Health Professions

What career to pursue?

Many factors may influence your choice of health profession, including:

  • What you enjoy
  • What you’re good at
  • What’s important to you
  • Intellectual interests
  • Work environment
  • Lifestyle
  • Length of training

There are many ways to learn about the different health professions, including website research, shadowing health professionals, attending talks, taking classes, and general self-reflection. We encourage you to meet with advisers to discuss your interest in the diverse health professions options. Use the links at the left to explore some options popular with Princeton students.

Logistically, knowing what courses will be required for careers of interest may help guide your undergraduate academic planning. Please see Academic Considerations for Admission to Health Profession Training Programs (pdf) for an overview of the pre-requisite course work for dental, optometry, pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy, podiatry and veterinary medicine. If you have questions about other health professional pre-reqs, please contact HPA.