Moving Forward at Princeton for Prehealth Sophomores

As a sophomore, you have a better sense of campus, your learning style and how to succeed academically, and your interests outside of the classroom. Now is a time to start moving into leadership roles in activities and being more specific in your academic path. Here are some steps to help you reach these goals.

Sophomore To Do List

And if you haven't yet:

Academic Planning

Major Choices

HPA resources to help you consider intersections between your major and prehealth plans.

Study Abroad options

Plan ahead to effectively manage prehealth and study abroad plans.

Do a prerequisite check

Check prerequisites of medical schools of interest.

Experiential Planning

Core Competencies

Assess how your academic and cocurricular choices demonstrate that you're developing the core competencies.

Clinical Experience

Prioritize patient-facing and shadowing experiences to gain a real-world perspective on your career of choice.

Matriculant Profiles

Advice from Princeton alumni.

Preparing to Apply

Early Assurance Programs

Early Assurance programs allow sophomores to apply to medical school and bypass the MCAT and regular application process.

Deciding When to Apply

Assess the strength of your candidacy and think about what to prioritize before you apply.

The Application Process

An overview of the two-year process of preparing for, applying to, interviewing with, and matriculating at health professions school.