Preparing Your Candidacy for Prehealth Seniors

Most aspiring prehealth Princeton students apply to professional school in senior year (or later) and take a “glide” or “gap” year or years between Princeton and professional school for a variety of reasons.

Senior year should be a time to continue to gain leadership experience, foster relationships with faculty and others who will write your letters of recommendation in the future, and ensure that medicine is truly right for you, through clinical experience, self-reflection, and talking with mentors about your plans. It will also include finishing your thesis and determining what to do in your time after Princeton and before professional school.

Seniors To Do List

  • If taking one "glide year":

    • Come to an Applicant Info Session.

    • Schedule an Applicant Intake appointment to discuss candidacy.

    • Complete HPA preapplication process

    • Come to Applicant Seminars in the spring, and apply in the early summer.

  • Ask for letters of recommendation from Princeton faculty and staff prior to graduation. Use Interfolio's free dossier service to collect and store letters if desired.

  • Apply for fellowships, post-bac programs, or other glide year activities.

  • Check in with HPA about your plans and for final advice moving forward!

Highlighted Resources

Glide Year Opportunities

Over 80% of Princeton applicants take time between graduation and professional school matriculation. These resources help you navigate the next step.

Postbac Program Information

About 30% of Princeton medical school applicants engage in coursework after graduation.

HPA Vitals

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