Research Position at Massachusetts General Hospital (Cambridge, MA)

Full-time, one or two year commitment, target start date June-August 2017

A full-time research position will be available for a graduating senior interested in spending a year or two before continuing their education in medical or graduate school, as well as for individuals with somewhat more experience, including students with Masters Degrees. Previous holders of this type of position have had the opportunity to work on research projects and to publish scientific papers on their work, and many individuals have published first-authored papers on their work. For students with an interest in medicine, exposure to clinical medicine is encouraged. The work of our group has concerned: the assembly of data, and the development of improved mathematical methods, for predicting the outcome for cancer patients; the assembly of data, and the development of improved mathematical methods, for understanding and assessing the growth of fetus and children; the identification of screening schedules for reaching the maximal possible reduction in cancer death achievable by cancer screening; the application of modern computer speech and telephony for developing scheduling/reminder systems for increasing the use of preventative medical interventions such as mammography and influenza immunization. The program is a collaborative project between individuals at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard, and MIT, and is located on the Harvard Campus in Cambridge.

The position involves the development of improved cancer specimen and biological imaging technologies, especially micro x-ray tomography, the mathematical analysis of biological growth, and the use of mathematical methods to examine the medico-legal consequences of delay in the treatment of cancer. The work will involve improvement and use of 3D image analysis, with advanced software tools (3D Studio MAX, Matlab Image Analysis Software Toolkits, 3D Slicer, ITKSNAP, etc.).  Students with training in computer science and/or mathematics, or computer animation, who also have interests in biology and/or medicine, are encouraged to apply.

The target date for employment is June-August 2017, but there are also opportunities for individuals who wish to being now, or participate part time now in a trial capacity, or carry out research projects this semester.

Please reply by email with CV or resume to:
James S. Michaelson Ph.D, Director
Laboratory for Quantitative Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital
Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Departments of Pathology and Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital