Post-grad Summer Research Opportunity at Weill Cornell (New York, NY)


The Research Technician will be responsible for a combination of laboratory management and experimentation in a new laboratory setting and also be highly engaged in research project direction and data analysis. This person will work closely with the supervisor, other lab members, and collaborators with the scientific goal of understanding fundamental principles of signaling to chromatin, mechanisms of rapid gene expression in response to environmental signals (such as the immune response to pathogens), and the epigenetics of inflammation. Research goals also include understanding evolution of immune gene function and how inflammation can lead to epigenetic "scars" that cause accelerated aging and disease. 

This role will include performing molecular biology experiments, especially epigenetic assays (ChIP, ATACseq, chromatin confirmation capture (3C) and others) as well as cell culture-based experiments and possibly working with experimental mouse models and human samples. The Research Technician will assess experimental results, analyze data, present and participate in lab meetings, and use feedback to troubleshoot and plan follow-up experiments and analysis. The Research Technician will also learn and participate in regular lab management activities including ordering and stocking supplies, setting up equipment, and assisting with laboratory organization.

Interested candidates can email Dr. Josefowicz directly at