Global Health Corps Fellowship


The intersecting challenges of 2020 have underscored the importance of empathetic, collaborative leadership in protecting global health. 

What will it take to navigate through COVID-19, protect hard-won health gains in everything from HIV and contraception access to NCDs and malaria, and meet futures crises with strength and solidarity? 

It will take leaders like YOU. Leaders who bring diverse skills and perspectives — plus a lot of grit and resilience — to relentlessly pursue health equity. 

Do you: 
...believe health is a human right for everyone, everywhere? ✔️
...thrive in community with others committed to social justice? ✔️
...want to hone your leadership skills so you can help transform health systems? ✔️

On December 2nd, Global Health Corps will post 40+ fellowship roles within high-impact organizations on the front lines of global health in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia. For reference, check out last year's fellowship roles, ranging from data analysis and communications to architecture and supply chain management. (Most GHC fellowship roles require no prior work experience or academic background in health.)

Note about COVID-19: While it's too early to predict exactly how the pandemic will shape our programming in 2021, we are recruiting American fellows for placement alongside Malawian, Rwandan, Ugandan, and Zambian nationals within our partner organizations. We anticipate travel restrictions will ease by July 2021 to make this possible. 

Start prepping NOW to apply on December 2nd: 

Secure proof — such as a transcript or a letter from your university — that you will have a bachelor's degree by July 2021.