Letters of Recommendation

Students may request letters at any point in their Princeton career. HPA will store letters on file on the student's behalf for future applications for six years after graduation. 

Whom to Ask

Identify 3-6 writers who can speak to your ability in the sciences, personal character, and suitability for health professions.

When to Ask

Make requests throughout college and beyond. Give writers at least a month to prepare a letter.

How to Ask

Meet with your writer, ask for strong letters (not just letters), provide talking points and resources.


We encourage prospective applicants to open a free Interfolio Dossier account that is associated with the "Princeton - HPA" administrator account. This will give HPA access to any letters submitted on the applicant's behalf. There is no charge to use Interfolio in this way. Letters will be delivered to schools by HPA and should not be transmitted via Interfolio (which will incur a fee).

AAMC Letter Writer Guidelines

What medical schools look for in recommendation letters.

HPA Rec Letter Form

HPA Request for a letter of recommendation (pdf version) (doc version) – this HPA form should be given to each recommender to facilitate their submission of letters.