Information for Reapplicants

If you have previously applied to medical, dental, veterinary, or other health professions school through HPA, you were not accepted, and wish to apply again, HPA will submit your composite letter and individual letters once again, along with an addendum letter that highlights the steps that you have taken to become a more competitive applicant.

Considerations for Reapplicants Handout (google doc)
Our handout for potential reapplicants, which provides guidance as you reflect on your health professional school candidacy.

Eligibility for an updated committee letter for reapplicants

In order for an updated composite letter to be written for a reapplicant (i.e., an applicant who has received a committee letter in a previous year but was unsuccessful in the health professions school application process), the following criteria must be met:

  • The reapplicant should read through the handout: Considerations for Reapplicants 
    The reapplicant must have significantly improved their candidacy since the unsuccessful application, as determined through consultation with HPA.
  • The reapplicant must secure at least one new letter of recommendation from someone with whom they have worked since the previous application.
  • The applicant must sign up for and participate in a preapplication interview.
  • The reapplicant must meet all paperwork deadlines:
    • ASAP: Notify HPA of intent to reapply; gain access to Canvas; complete Intake Form.
    • June 1: Deadline for HPA Preapplication Interview scheduling (including submission of profile and updated autobio, activities list, short essays)
    • August 1: Deadline for AMCAS submission (for MD applicants)
  • The applicant must send HPA a copy of the verified primary application(s).

Once the letter is written, a packet of materials is sent to the applicant’s schools. The packet includes: 

  • Addendum to the committee letter of recommendation, highlighting the steps the student has taken to become a more competitive applicant.
  • One to two additional individual letters of recommendation.
  • Original committee letter.
  • Original individual letters of recommendation.
  • Prehealth Course Form with a description of Princeton’s grading policies, independent work requirements, and other highlights of the academic program.
  • Letter addressing disciplinary/academic institutional action, if applicable.

The deadline for notifying our office of your application status is June 1 -- that is, you must have completed your Intake Form and preapplication materials, and contacted HPA to schedule a preapplication interview. If we do not hear from you by then, we can send your old committee packet and additional letters to your health professions schools, with a cover sheet that states that you did not meet the requirements to receive an addendum to your committee letter.