Information for Continuing Applicants

If you attended an applicant information session, gathered materials, and/or had a preapplication Interview in a prior year but never applied through the application service, nor completed the process of having your materials sent from HPA to health professional schools, you are considered a continuing applicant. The procedure that you will follow when you decide to apply will depend on where you left off in the process.

To receive a committee letter, the deadline to notify our office of your intent to apply is June 1 for matriculation in the following year -- that is, you must have contacted our office and told us to reopen your file, completed your preapplication materials, and scheduled a preapplication interview.

After June 1, HPA can provide a letter collection service and distribute your letters, but cannot provide a committee letter.

Between the time that you first contact the office and the time of your preapplication interview, you are strongly encouraged to set up an additional appointment with HPA advisers (which can be conducted in person, online, or over the phone) to determine what other steps you may need to take in the application process.