Financing Health Professional School

Navigating Application Expenses

Applying for medical school is a serious financial investment. HPA has developed a short handout and a longer guide to outline these expenses and help students navigate them.

MCAT: $315
MCAT preparation: varies, $500-3000+
Primary application: $170 for the first school, $40 for each additional (AMCAS)
Secondary applications: $0-$150 each; average $75
Interviews, clothing, travel, lodging: varies

Ways to reduce costs:

  • Working for a test preparation service may give you discounts for their preparation materials
  • AAMC Fee Assistance Program, which reduces some MCAT preparation and application costs
  • ADEA Fee Assistance Program reduces costs in dental school application process
  • Applying locally can reduce interview costs
  • Many health professions schools have volunteer students who will host you during your interview visit so that you don’t have to stay in a hotel


Cost of Attendance

The high cost of attending medical, dental, and veterinary school can be intimidating, with graduate debt averaging over $150,000. However, if you educate yourself about financing options and available resources, you can prepare for the financial commitment that will be required. For detailed information, see Financial Assistance for Health Professions Schools, and learn more from the links below.

Financial Planning Information

Loan Repayment/Scholarship Programs

  • Loan Forgiveness Programs and other repayment assistance programs are listed on the AAMC website.
  • Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP): Army HPSP, Navy HPSP, and Air Force HPSP can pay 100% of your tuition and provide a stipend in exchange for a service obligation after you complete your health professions education. The most current information we have received about this program, particularly from the Army, is always available at the HPA library.