Health profession schools that think you may be a good fit after reviewing your composite and individual letters, primary application, test scores, and secondary application will invite you for an interview. The nature of these interviews varies from school to school. Your interview day will usually include other activities such as a tour of the facilities, meals, and a chance to talk to current students. You may sit for one or more interviews during your visit, with faculty, administrators, community members, or sometimes students. A number of schools have recently begun implementing Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs), where you will participate in 8-10 shorter activities, both individually and in small groups.

Admissions committees meet regularly throughout the application cycle and offer interviews to students with completed applications. Completing your applications early will certainly increase your chances of being interviewed early in the cycle. However, even if your applications are finished early, invitations to interviews can come at any point in the cycle, which runs roughly from late August through early April.

  • The Interview at Health Professional Schools: Detailed information on preparing for your interviews at health professional schools, including a long list of questions you may be asked.
  • We have links to a few articles about Multiple Mini Interviews available to applicants through Canvas. Hard copies are available in our office.
  • Princeton in Africa Tips for Applying from Abroad (pdf): Former PiAf fellows collaborated with HPA to put together this tip sheet.
  • The HPA Interview Reports: A growing database of anonymous reports completed by Princeton prehealth students who have interviews at health professional schools before you. Use these reports to prepare for your interviews at specific schools, and make sure you complete reports once you return in order to help future applicants from Princeton.
  • Interview Feedback @SDN: Student Doctor Network also provides a more general database of feedback from medical interviews.

For answers to student questions, see our Interviews FAQ.

HPA Interview Reports


The HPA Interview Reports

A growing database of reports completed by Princeton applicants who have interviewed at health professional schools. Use these reports to prepare for your interviews at specific schools, and make sure you complete reports for your interviews to help future applicants.

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