The Application Process

Applying to health professions schools is a lengthy, detail-oriented process: the HPA preapplication process is introduced through a fall semester information session two years before you hope to start professional school. 

One of HPA's main goals is to guide students and alumni through the processes of deciding when to apply, completing the application in a timely and comprehensive manner, and navigating the admissions cycle. This includes writing a committee letter of recommendation on behalf of eligible applicants. Applicants to other health professions are supported through advising appointments and access to resources but are not expected to receive a committee letter of recommendation. HPA is happy to work with applicants to all health professional schools.

the application process by semester: intro, prep, application, interviews, decisions

the medical school admission process broken down into semesters

When to Apply

Work through these questions to self-assess the strength of your candidacy. The best time to apply is when your application is strong enough to reach your goals

Application Timeline

The ten steps to take when you apply.

HPA Preapplication Process

Starting two years prior to matriculation, medical and dental school applicants work with HPA through a preapplication process to receive the HPA committee letter of recommendation.