Meet an Adviser

Individual Advising

Email us: if you have a quick question, emailing it to is your best first step. If it seems that your questions would be better addressed in a meeting, we will reach out to you to schedule a time.

Drop-In Hours: An HPA adviser will meet with you briefly to discuss your academic needs, concerns, or goals. A typical meeting is up to 15 minutes in length. In 2020-21, we convene in a Zoom room -- sign up on Calendly to receive the Zoom link. Students are seen on a first come, first served basis in individual breakout rooms. 

Appointments: You don't have to have a crisis or a significant issue to discuss to make an appointment - we welcome you to just schedule a time to come in and introduce yourself!

Group Advising

  • Aspiring Docs: Conversation group for students who are the first in their families to pursue health careers. 
  • HPA Programming: Workshops are offered in the fall on topics including summer opportunities; sophomore early assurance programs; the application process; and evaluating your candidacy. Spring workshops will include MCAT; majors and prehealth; and numerous application-related topics. All students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. Subscribe to our Facebook Events feed to integrate our events into your life on social media.

Additional resources

  • HPA Peer Advisers (HPA PAs): Students, especially first-years and sophomores, are encouraged to reach out to HPA PAs to discuss topics including course and major selection, finding summer internships and activities, and life in general as a prehealth student. Students can reach out to any HPA PA regardless of college – bios and contact information are available on our website.
  • HPA Jock Docs: Athletes can call on our Jock Docs to discuss the balance between sport and prehealth and gain advice and support on the “prehealth track.”
  • Deans and Directors of Studies: Your residential college advising team is trained to answer general prehealth related questions, especially in terms of required courses, major choices, and other academic concerns.
  • McGraw Center: McGraw provides comprehensive support for your academic success – if you’d like some pointers on being more efficient and effective in your courses, they’re a great source of information. 
  • HPA website FAQ: Many questions are addressed via our website FAQ: