Meet an Adviser

Individual Advising

Email us: if you have a quick question, emailing it to is your best first step. If it seems that your questions would be better addressed in a meeting, we will reach out to you to schedule a time.

Drop-In Hours: An HPA adviser will meet with you briefly to discuss your academic needs, concerns, or goals. A typical meeting is up to 15 minutes in length. Check in at our reception area in 36 University Place, Suite 230 to sign in during drop-in hours – no appointment needed! Students are seen on a first come, first served basis, and you can browse books and school materials in our library, use the HPA computers, or bring work to do while you wait. Drop-in hours are listed on our home page. Hours are extended during the busiest times of the year – make sure to check Vitals, Facebook, or the webpage for the most up to date hours

Appointments: Current students can search for "HPA Appointment Calendar" in WASE and schedule appointments online. Alums should call HPA at 609.258.3144 and talk to Jen to schedule an appointment. Current student appointments are in person (unless the student is abroad); alumni appointments may be by phone or Skype. Appointments vary in length based on the busyness of the time of year. You don't have to have a crisis or a significant issue to discuss to make an appointment - we welcome you to just come in and introduce yourself!

Applicant Appointments & Gchat Hours

Appointments are reserved every week for students who are navigating the application process. Call the office to schedule an appointment, and be sure to identify yourself as a current applicant.

Many applicants are far from campus and find it easier to connect via google online chat. Google chat hours are sent out to applicants by email on a regular basis.

Group Advising

  • Aspiring Docs: Conversation group for students who are the first in their families to pursue health careers. 
  • HPA Programming: Workshops will be offered this fall on topics including summer opportunities; sophomore early assurance programs; the application process; and evaluating your candidacy. We will also have Doctor is In alumni speakers and school visits. Spring workshops will include MCAT; majors and pre-health; and numerous application-related topics. All students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. Subscribe to our Facebook Events feed to integrate our events into your life on social media.

Additional resources

  • HPA Peer Advisers (HPA PAs): Students, especially first-years and sophomores, are encouraged to reach out to HPA PAs to discuss topics including course and major selection, finding summer internships and activities, and life in general as a pre-health student. Students can reach out to any HPA PA regardless of college – bios and contact information are available on our website.
  • HPA Jock Docs: Athletes can call on our Jock Docs to discuss the balance between sport and pre-health and gain advice and support on the “pre-health track.”
  • Deans and Directors of Studies: Your residential college advising team is trained to answer general pre-health related questions, especially in terms of required courses, major choices, and other academic concerns.
  • McGraw Center: McGraw provides comprehensive support for your academic success – if you’d like some pointers on being more efficient and effective in your courses, they’re a great source of information. 
  • HPA website FAQ: Many questions are addressed via our website FAQ: