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HPA Hours and Appointments

HPA is open during regular business hours, Monday - Friday 8:45 am - 5:00 pm.

HPA advisers are available for 20-minute scheduled appointments or during weekly drop-in hours.

Feel free to email questions to [email protected] at any time!

Updated 8/28/23

Individual Advising

Group Advising & Events

  • Aspiring Docs: Conversation group for students who are the first in their families to pursue health careers. 
  • HPA Programming: HPA offers over 50 webinars and workshops. 
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How to find HPA

HPA is located above the U Store at 36 University Place.

Take the elevator near the Admissions office to Floor 2M or enter through the Center for Career Development during business hours.

FAQs about meeting with HPA

How often do students meet with an adviser? What do they talk about? Learn more about working with HPA!

HPA Advisers

The HPA professional advising staff provides individual and group advising to all Princeton students and alumni interested in the health professions.

HPA Peer Advisers

Students, especially first-years and sophomores, are encouraged to reach out to HPA Peer Advisers (HPA PAs) to discuss topics including course and major selection, finding summer internships and activities, and life in general as a prehealth student. Students can reach out to any HPA PA regardless of college – bios and contact information are available on our website.

HPA Jock Docs

Athletes can call on our Jock Docs to discuss the balance between sport and prehealth and gain advice and support.

HPA Info Session Recordings

Recordings of recent presentations, school visits, and workshops are available on our website.

How To HPA Guides

Topics include four-year planning, clinical experience, application logistics, internships, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hundreds of questions have been answered in our Question of the Week feature in our HPA Vitals newsletter. They're all archived on our website.