Thia Bian '25

Butler College

Hometown: a small town near Milwaukee, WI

Health Professional Area of Interest: Medicine

Relevant prehealth experience: Community Health chair with the Student Volunteers Council at the Pace Center; volunteer at Penn Medicine; volunteer with National Alzheimer's Buddies; research with the Bocarsly lab

What topics can students ask you about? Pursuing a humanities major while following pre-med requirements; contacting professors for research; changing majors; understanding more about the discipline of narrative medicine

Summer 2023 planned activities: Working with OUCRU for a global health internship in Hanoi

Last book read for fun: The City in Which I Love You, by Li-Young Lee

Favorite food: A Chinese dish called 酒酿圆子 (Jiuniang Yuanzi, according to Google Translate)

Favorite way to relieve stress: Going for a walk while listening to music