Julia Cunningham '23

Women's Basketball
Butler College

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Relevant prehealth experience:
-All science pre-reqs completed
-9 months part-time job as a clinical aide in a Physical Therapy office
-3 month part-time job in a gynecology office as a nurse assistant/ shadow

What topics can students ask you about? 
- applying to PA school
- any of the science pre requisite courses
- balancing the schoolwork and athletics
- how to obtain paying positions that count towards direct patient care hours
- where to go to get help about classes/schedules

What advice would you give to a first-year, prehealth, student athlete? I would advise first year, prehealth, student athletes to meet with HPA as soon as they possibly can to make a plan of action for their 4 year undergrad program. To get the proper classes on their schedules and to get an idea of what is expected from an undergrad resume when applying to a medical field post-graduation. I would also advise them to make connections with teammates and other athletes that are looking to be prehealth because the support is available!