Genevieve Fraipont '23

Water Polo
Whitman College

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Relevant prehealth experience: I've gone on clinical mission trips to Tijuana with an operation called Healing Hearts Across Borders throughout high school. I traveled to Cuba with an organization Operation Walk and shadowed doctors who perform total hip and knee replacements. I currently volunteer with CONTACT, the Mercer County Crisis Hotline. This past summer, going into junior year, I interned at a biomechanics lab in Pasadena where I worked with Orthopedic surgeons and their research projects.

What topics can students ask you about? Ask me about a non traditional pre-med major, time management, work-life balance, using Princeton resources or basically anything! I love to chat!

What advice would you give to a first-year, prehealth, student athlete? My advice would be to have confidence in your talents and be resilient! As a committed athlete you already have stellar time management skills and an incredible work ethic. Do not doubt yourself or fall into the notorious "imposter syndrome" trap. I'm telling you that you belong at Princeton and will succeed in the challenging premed courses if you work hard and believe in your abilities. In addition to confidence, I would advise first year premed athletes to be kind to themselves. There are going to be speed bumps like hard tests and stressful summer job applications but do not view these as roadblocks. Remember that there are numerous routes to medical school and there is no "perfect" applicant so enjoy your time at Princeton, embrace the grind, and be true to yourself.